How to make Eclipse more like IntelliJ Idea

17.11.2015 09:27:57

Currently for different projects I'm switching between Eclipse and IntelliJ Idea. There are some features I love in Idea and miss them very much in Eclipse. Let's make Eclipse more like IntelliJ Idea :-)

Comment / uncomment

Open Windows -> Preferences, navigate to General -> Keys, look for "comment" and change all current mappings of Shift+Ctrl+C to Ctrl+/.

Automatic IntelliSense

Some time ago I made a video how to make Eclipse Content Assist automatically pop-up. It's not as good as IntelliJ's, but it's better than nothing:


I got used to automatic save soo much, now it's a must in Eclipse. There are two plugins: "eclatosa" and "Smart Save", I installed eclatosa and I'm quite happy:

Dark theme

Also some time ago I made a video how to do that. Currently I'm using Ubuntu and Eclipse Moonrise UI looks very nice:

Easily increase / decrease font size

In Idea you can increase / decrease font size using CTRL + mouse wheel. In Eclipse there's no such thing, but there's a plugin saneclipse, which performs it using CTRL + + and CTRL + -: It also has very useful fullscreen mode (activated using CTRL + ALT + M)

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