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16.05.2015 08:46:27

Most people I know use some online tool to search for Maven artifacts. But each has it's own shortcomings. There used to be several out there (jarvana, artifact-repository, mavenreposearch etc.), but nowadays are just two: (unofficial, yet often used) and (official). Btw. to be fair there are others like or, but they are niche, most people don't know about them and their search functionality is even worse. I just finished my own website with hopefully best search engine:

Keyword mvnrepository javalibs
Well known libraries
spring org.apache.karaf.assemblies.features:spring (not even on the first couple of pages)
org.springframework:spring-context (correct)
org.springframework:spring-context (correct)
hibernate org.apache.karaf.jpa:hibernate (correct result was on third page)
org.hibernate:hibernate-core (correct)
org.hibernate:hibernate-core (correct)
Less known libraries
hibernate search
org.hibernate:hibernate-search-quickstart (no, but second result is correct even though it's deprecated module and the right module with artifactId hibernate-search-orm is number 11)
org.hibernate:hibernate-core (no, but number 9 is correct even though it's deprecated and the right module is number 15)
org.hibernate:hibernate-search-engine (no, but number 2 is correct one and number 3 is the deprecated module, which is also correct)

These tests show that:

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