State of projects in Maven Central Repository

31.05.2015 05:33:12

Number of artifacts in Maven Central grows almost exponentially, soon number of artifacts will reach 1 million and number of unique artifacts is over 100 thousand. But not everything is nice and shiny. There are abandoned projects, projects which moved to new group & artifact id etc.

Sometimes, especially for beginners, it's difficult to choose correct artifact. For example if you want to use hsql database, do you choose org.hsqldb:hsqldb or hsqldb:hsqldb? Or for using JSON in Java, do you choose libraries from org.codehaus.jackson or com.fasterxml.jackson? In both cases option B is correct.

In each artifact now has a simple badge, where's the artifacts state:

I know this may be controversial because when you release some version and then continue development and doesn't push following releases to Central, after two years of inactivity your project will be flagged "dead" (for example commons-io). Also if you release some project and it just works and it's not needed to upgrade it anymore, after two years of inactivity it will be flagged "dead". But frankly everything changes and should change (for the better :-)). And if not, your project is as good as dead anyways. And I think these badges are even with their shortcomings a good guideline (not a dogma) :-)

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